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Shelled checkpoint near the village Kotovka in Belyayevskoye area

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  • Release on:2014-10-29

As reported inLEE source in the Directorate of the Interior Ministry in the Odessa area, the incident occurred near the checkpoint, located in Belyayevskoye area, near the village Kotovka.

The degree of damage to the APC and information about possible victims and survivors in the police report could not.

The interviewee added that the attackers drove up to the checkpoint on the car, now law enforcement "work through the circle of suspects." However, a spokesman for the General Directorate Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Odessa region Alla Marchenko said that "we have no information." "Now we find out that there was," - she said. As BelTA DoLEE in the press center of the Ukrainian Naval Forces Command, on the night of September 25, unidentified persons fired at one of the checkpoints, where soldiers of the Naval Forces of Ukraine are serving together with the personnel of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine. According to preliminary information, a shot in the direction of the checkpoint was made from hand-held antitank grenade launcher. High quality casting mold Shell hit the defensive fortifications roadblock. No one was injured. Military equipment is not damaged checkpoint. According to the press center, no one was hurt. Military equipment is not damaged checkpoint. How to add in the press center, the personnel of the checkpoint response produced countersabotage complex events. In particular, it was declared the "Alarm" signal, busy round defense.

In the area of ​​the incident was sent to division, based in countersabotage reserve.


Given that the shot from the side of the village, 

die casting mold maker soldiers in order to prevent possible losses among the population, and also due to the fact that the unknown was shot once, 

mold casting return fire did not open.

Arrived at the scene operative groups Command Naval Forces of Ukraine, the Southern Regional Administration of the Military Service Law Enforcement and law enforcement agencies in the region. The investigation continues.