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On Leadership

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-10-28

What is leadership?

Leadership should have what kind of quality, it is difficult to accurately explain, but it is not difficult to identify bluntly. .

Leaders do not force the others to be coordinated with themselves, but to help them keep up. Leaders let others assume the obligations, the obligations themselves first, create a create an environment to encourage, others with sincerity
, Impartial.

Leaders of many people require, but also gives a lot. They have ambition, not only for themselves, but also for the people who work with them. They managed to attract and retain them so that they charge
Minutes to play.

Good leaders are not loners. They recognize an organization to be successful, its policy is that it forces many people's talents and together. Leadership is a catalyst, the crowd
Intellect transformed into performance.

Leaders understand that two opinions on the issue of this debate occurs when there is not necessarily a wrong. They recognize that it will contribute to hasty superficial one-sided. They are willing to accept new ideas or build
Yee, but the details and consequences do they seriously discussed.

Successful leaders either emotionally or intellectually oriented to the future rather than the nostalgic past. They are eager to be responsible for reform, open up. They are not satisfied with merely Conservative, they want to move forward

Leader is not scared to give guidance directionality, but also on the issue and asked for specific answers, not only shows the spirit and give strength to show up. They both speak from experience, but also based on knowledge and issues
Knowledge of colleagues

Leaders flexible way of doing things rather than arbitrary. They think that behave better than its coherence. They sought the views of the conflict Autumn unity!

Leadership is all about making subordinate staff continue to develop their talents and help them to maximize the potential to explore and promote them for the common cause and struggle. The leader Wu Shi finished on time to do things

Good leader, effective leader, good for people caring respected. People want to respect the need to respect others. Leaders at all levels of the organization to show respect, work on them, to
Force, expressed concern for the wishes and requirements, he will find that people care for him and respect him. Thus, all relevant staff will encourage them to work together.