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Marketing test,let products fly.

  • Author:Jack Zou
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-10-28
Huiyuan was launched "TATA"water in 2004,once the product such as the industry call one thousand and
then quickly fell. When JIADUOBAO launch WANGLAOJI,many experts predict its short life,however,it is
live now,during 2006 sales has exceeded 4 billion!
The 20¥ high-priced toothpaste YUNNAN BAIYAO lauched had failed, and the launch of LG 10 to 15 yuan
bamboo salt toothpaste has become the industry dark horse!

Why the same product, but different destiny? It is the cause of the product itself or other factors?
Enterprises in the new and the reasonable design and planning what factors? As an important part of
the product, marketing test, and how to effectively test, to avoid the fate of the failure?

Select product features to meet customer requirements

Market opportunity analysis is vital in understanding the customer demand for products. Enterprise
through the market opportunity analysis unearthed customer demand for a product, and then on the basis
of design products choose different product features to meet these requirements. It is not easy to
finish the work in time for many operators and managers.

The problem is that customers to buy the product can provide to the purpose and benefits, rather than
the characteristics of the product itself. Enterprise operators consider is should choose which
components in the product, their cost, compatibility, product production plan and so on. But what
components contained in the customer care is not a product, but the product can meet the need of the

Before the design brand,therefore,the enterprise must understand the value of each parts and features
available,namely,the function.