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Ferrous metals

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  • Release on:2014-10-15

To ferrous metals include alloys containing iron in its composition, carbon, various impurities (silicon, sulfur, phosphorus and the like. Paragraph.) And sometimes special additive in the form of non-ferrous metals (chromium, nickel, molybdenum, tungsten and the like. P.) . Ferrous metal can be used for large-scale machines mouldmold so durable, more expensive.

On the carbon content of ferrous metals are divided into two main groups: iron (carbon content of more than 2.0%) and steel (carbon content up to 2.0%). Carbon steel containing carbon not more than 0.25%, in the home called iron.

Iron. Prepared cast iron from iron ore, which are natural iron compound with oxygen, sulfur, and other elements, and having a base metal in an amount that makes it obtaining economically advantageous. For iron ore melted in a blast furnace in the presence of substances rich in carbon (coke, charcoal), and smooth (sand, limestone). In the process of melting the carbon coke, ore combined with oxygen forms escapes from blast furnace carbon dioxide, and smoothly at a high temperature produced in the blast furnace to form contained in the ore gangue glassy substance called slag. Slag being lighter and not miscible with the molten metal rises to the surface and can be easily separated from it.