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Hobby all smeya Putin

  • Author:Anna
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-10-13

Putin-businessman kotoryysdelal plastic mold for sale . with decades of time egobizne made a very bolsho.Poetomuego eldest daughter loves soap mold, And his younger daughter likes frozen form. eldest daughter, her name is Anna, the younger sister -eё name is Alice.

after school Anna and Alice returns home helps his father sell formy.Chasto Anna quickly pradalvse goods and Father often praised her. little daughter is very jealous of her sister can quickly goods are sold, and by themselves can not it. She decided to watch her sister how to sell ice creamsse formss, But two dnyaonane found a reason. a sister told her how to sell the product, first, observe customers to identify their group potrebiteley.2, Be patient with the customer to explain the benefits of their produktsii.3, grab the hearts of customers, the cost of management clients. She remembered slovasestry and monogo do, how to deal with customers after they have been inherited desyatiletiyaoni industry father and then sales Alicia is the highest sister is very happy for her younger sister, .ne putting off tomorrow what you can do today.