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Mid-autumn Festival

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-09-05
At present our company are manufacturing CNC machining parts, stamping parts, injection molded parts and crews parts and so on. Every year, according to customer demand, our company will promote some new productsto our customers. We have more and more customers, almost from all over the world.

The annual Mid-Autumn festival is coming soon, this is a traditional Chinese festival, which is a reunion day. Our company will have 3days off according to the policy in China. In order to celebrate the arrival of the Mid-Autumn festival, our company will organize a large dinner party in advance. On this day, all of us will have a big meal, then go for KTV. We are so happy on the whole day.

On the Mid-Autumn festival, family will reunion together. Children will decorate with colorful light, they set off firecrackers and fireworks. Kids must be happiest at that day, because they can eat and have fun. Their laughter, add a lot of cheerful atmosphere.

And the adults will be around the table at that day, while enjoy the tea and eat moon cakes. We usually put the tea table outdoor, sitting around the table. The moon is shines bright, very comfortable at the moment. Chatting with our parents, chatting about our life our job. We will feel happy as our parents are together with us. No matter what happens, the home is our ultimate safe haven.

Go home often, no excuse.