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Importance of standardization of die casting dies

  • Autor:GAO JUNYI
  • Suelte el:2021-11-18
Although our country has gradually produced and manufactured die casting mold and application die casting mold, but has not produced industry for a long time. It was not until the middle and late 1980s that the die casting industry in China entered the trend of rapid development. Die casting die is the key processing technology of manufacturing industry, because it can complete high efficiency, a large number of energy saving and emission reduction measures and environmental protection in the whole production process, so die casting die is often called the mother of industrial production. Although China's die casting mold industry has developed rapidly, it is still very different from that of western developed countries.
What is the standardization status of die casting molds in China?

Standard die casting parts are suitable for a large number of social professional production, but China has been in a decentralized, chaotic, poor situation. To put it bluntly, scattered is mainly die casting mold standard parts production factory too many scattered, little economic development economic development. To put it bluntly, the chaos is mainly normative chaos. The company usually produces according to national standards, industry standards, many previous sector standards and some enterprise standards, and produces on a daily basis for some well-known overseas companies, such as Germany, the United States and France. To put it bluntly, the difference is the poor quality of standard die casting parts and the poor economic benefit of the company.

Japan, Britain, France and other overseas die casting developed countries in die casting die standardization work has nearly 100 years of history. The formulation of die casting standards and the production and supply of die casting standard parts have produced a sound management system. According to the basic possibility, the standardization level of die casting molds in the world is generally above 70%, and the small and medium-sized die casting molds are above 80%. China's share is now only 30-35 per cent.

Nowadays, the production cycle of die casting mold seems to be getting more and more today, and the practical significance of standardization of die casting mold is more important.

Related statistics:

The choice of standard die casting parts can save 25%-45% of the production processing time and reduce 30%-40% of the production cycle time. With the development trend of various industrial products, small batch production, humanization and rapid production, in order to better improve the ability of rapid communication and market competitiveness in the market economy system, the practical significance of standardization of die casting molds is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) Professional production of die casting mold, improve the quality of die casting mold, control the cost.

(2) Complete the commercialization of die casting mold parts and reduce the mold making period.

(3) It is necessary to develop, design and apply die casting CAD/CAM.

(4) It is beneficial to improve the international trade and regional trade of China's die casting die industry and improve its competitiveness.