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A380 Material

  • Autor:naky
  • Suelte el:2014-11-22
A380 Material

A380 uses a lot of composite materials, the use of innovative GLARE ( glass fiber reinforced aluminum ) materials developed, compared with traditional aluminum material , light weight, high strength, fatigue resistance , maintenance performance and service life have been greatly improvement , no
special processing.

About 25 percent of aircraft manufactured by Advanced Weight Loss materials , including 22% for carbon fiber reinforced plastic hybrid (CFRP), 3% for the first time GLARE fiber used for civilian aircraft - the metal plate. A380 first time using a connection wing and fuselage central wing box made ??of carbon fiber composite material . In addition , A380 for the first time in the rear of the fuselage after the pressure chamber using a composite material. In addition to the composite material , A380 also uses a lot of advanced metallic materials, the benefits of these materials include manipulation reliable and easy to maintain. Each material would be expected to withstand the load , pressure and optimize the use of the degree of damage according to the different components.

A380 aluminum alloy components :
Copper Cu 3.0-4.0; silicon Si 7.5-9.5;
Mg Mg 0.1Max; iron Fe 2.0Max;
Zinc Zn 3.0Max; Mn Mn 0.5Max;
Ni Ni 0.5Max; tin Sn 0.35Max;
Al margin.
A380 close to the Japanese standard ADC10, are Al-Si-Cu alloy, silicon high