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Supernatural Phenomenon

  • Autor:Nancy
  • Quelle:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Lassen Sie auf:2015-02-08
I like to see US TV series, most are telling about the supernatural phenomenon, like the vampire, ghost and so on. The plots are so attractive, I start to wonder if there is ghost or vampire in the world. As the science can’t explain everything, still there are a lot of weird phenomenon remain people to research, some people believe there is other space besides the earth. They believe the ghost is invisible, when people die, their soul get out of their bodies and then exist with human being. Now I believe in science, there exists no ghost, it is people’s imagination. Long before ago, our ancestors made up the stories, they are the part of the history myths, as the time went by, more and more read the stories and believe what they said are true. The unknown phenomenon will be explained by the scientists one day.