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Company Profile:

Here, we believe that talent is the best guarantee of performance. Attitude is everything successful soil. Qualifications, experience, family background is not important for us . Only talent and attitude is innate.

XY-GLOBAL is a joint venture company, with sales in the United States and Israel company, main products are CNC precision machining, precision casting, stamping, injection molding and other accessories and mold design and manufacturing. Its sister company is specialized in industrial automation product development, sales and system integration of high-tech companies. We are committed to become the world's most famous robotic automation hardware one, as we specialize in hardware accessories and automated control systems of the perfect combination .

If you think you are good at communication with clients and experts,
If you think you are diligent and factories dealing negotiator,
If you think you are perspicacious eye eyes fire quality master,
If you think you are obsessed with the technical expert in industrial control,
If you think you are a people who are willing to bet tomorrow,
Please feel free to add to this team! Because this is your platform to display their talent and abilities! A group of vibrant, relationship simple, enterprising, happy waiting for you to play with working partners to join this family!
Happy Start here! Company has a variety of creative games and excellent benefits waiting for you!

Foreign Sales Specialist Job requirements:

1 Know the metal or plastic products in foreign trade partner is priority.
2 Have a strong interest for pairs of metal or plastic products in foreign trade partner is priority.
3 Inspirational metal or plastic products industry in the development of foreign trade partner is priority.
4 Familiar with foreign trade, foreign trade partners in more than one year work experience preferred.
5 Has a professional machinery manufacturing level CET outstanding graduates is priority.
6 College education, English language, fluent listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
7 Positive personality, hard working, persistent, with a strong team spirit, able to grow with the company.
8 Has a strong strain and communication skills to deal with things agile and efficient, strong sense of responsibility, like challenging work.
9 Understand the basic operation of B2B platforms and foreign trade processes.
10 Skilled operators able to compare OFFICE software.


1 Company has a marketing platform, familiar upload product information.
2 Major B2B, B2C business platform independent upload product information.
3 Get more inquiry in the major marketing platform.
4 Continuely tracking customers and classification of primary and secondary customers.
5 Deal with customer orders, and continued cooperation.

Procurement Engineer Job requirements:

1 College education, English reading and writing proficiency is priority;
2.3 years of experience in procurement, procurement of foreign trade more than 1 year working experience is preferred;
3.Familiar metal stamping, die casting, CNC, car parts and electronic wire and other materials and processes, with a certain supplier resources;
4 Master negotiation skills, be able to obtain from the supplier with competitive price;
5 Cheerful, clear thinking, meticulous work, with strong communication skills and team spirit;
6 Has good adaptability and ability to work under pressure .


1 Responsible for the completion of the categories of products of foreign trade procurement; under plans to place orders with suppliers, track orders and ensure orders on time, amount completed;
2 According to the company's direction to find and develop new suppliers, to provide the corresponding product information;
3 According to customer requirements, timely coordination between customers and factories;
4 Monitor samples and mass production quality, delivery, timely and appropriate to deal with emergencies;
5 Carry out the Purchasing Managers' other work .

Quality Engineer Job requirements:

1 College education, English CET-4 level and above , engineering related professional, CNC, die casting, stamping relevant industry experience is preferred .
2.3 years of experience in quality management, including at least two years of on-site quality management;
3 Proficiency in the use and operation of a variety of quality control methods quality inspection tools, master SOLIDWORK, PRO/E, CAD and other software;
4 Strong communication skills, able to handle all the work quality department, able to withstand greater pressure of work;
5 Honest, hardworking; has high degree of enthusiasm, optimism, good team spirit; strong powers of observation and ability to cope.


1 Perform inspection standards, and related inspection records do archives.
2 The amount of product produced from the sample to the entire production process of product quality control and supervision;
3 Responsible for solving the production process quality problems, propose solutions and implement quality improvement plans;
4 Product quality status follow up, handling customer complaints and provide quality solutions;
5 Preparing various products and processes related to quality testing standards and related documents;
6 Guidance raw material suppliers and outsourcing plant for its quality improvement;
7 Participation in new product trial, validate and import work.