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Tencent Holdings Ltd announced last Wednesday plans to more than double the number of its offshore

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  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on :2017-05-10
Tencent Holdings Ltd announced last Wednesday plans to more than double the number of its offshore data centers this year, its latest push to grow its cloud business and serve both international companies as well as Chinese groups wanting to expand overseas.

With the new Silicon Valley data center inaugurated last Tuesday, the internet giant said another four are in the pipeline in Frankfurt, Mumbai, Seoul and Moscow.
Tencent said cloud operations in Hong Kong and the Silicon Valley are also slated for expansion this year.

"We want to grow our overseas cloud capability to meet the rising demand from companies around the world as they look for fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective services to expand globally and migrate to the cloud era", said Rita Zeng, vice-president of Tencent's cloud computing arm.

The data centers are designed to meet companies' soaring demand for high availability and recovery, along with greater access to offerings including data storage and analytics, as more businesses tap into cloud computing to boost operational efficiency and innovation.
The new data centers form part of Tencent's broader strategy to invest in the latest technologies, such as cloud, security, big data and artificial intelligence.

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